About Us

We are focused in connecting with all consumers of present and the future, to construct an EnDuring thought; CCA is the leader in high quality brand advertising at degree, we have winning service package that we offer to our clients from Designing, creating and implementation of all advertising materials and services, which allows us to present the rich quality.

Company Profile

Concept Connect Advertising LLC is specializing in business-to-business solutions for companies of all sizes. Our dedicated team has the experience, know-how and passion to create based on the concepts an effective and affordable online presence for your business that will achieve optimal results for your company.

At Concept Connect Advertising LLC, a one StOp Solutions. Whether you're looking to simply freshen up your company's existing online presence, or to create an entirely new Branding for your business, we're Committed to the helping you, communicate your image, identity and information..

Concept Connect Advertising LLC. love talking about ideas, finding ways to create value and developing businesses to handle tremendous growth. We are always ready to work with you through challenges, celebrate successes and do whatever it takes to make your business number one.

We at Concept Connect Advertising LLC are specialized in Advertising - Graphic Designing, BTL and ATL activities. Work closely with you to ensure you get the finest, promising outcomes and return on your branding, advertising, website design, and marketing investments. Our reputation is for timely and innovative work that delivers an exceptional look and a professional portrayal of your business. We offer knowledgeable, responsive and personal services. We meet all your Advertising materials, branding, designing, content and pre-print needs with high quality, efficient packages that meet all major criteria.

Our approach takes your advertising project from initial survey to concept and designs, through a successful implementation. We have a modern team of professionals, techno-designers and quality craftsmen who pride themselves on providing total solutions for almost any type of Advertising project.

Managing Director

Mr. Muhammed N.T Kamal graduated with a Master of Business Administration and Project Management, Muhammed is a prominent business man early from his higher secondaries, he specialized in mergers and acquisitions and extraction of investment value in high growth, media, new media and technology environments resulted to establish an Advertising company in Dubai,U.A.E.

Mr. Muhammed (MD) has started this Concept Connect Advertising company where his responsibilities included product planning, marketing, strategy and business development, also he has extensive experience through his career in both the management of large multinational teams and the evaluation and executions.

Muhammed's policy on advertising & media, internet, driven by digital media opportunity and his commitment on quality deliveries to meet client satisfaction moves the businesses towards smarter and study grown.

HR & Finance Head

Our Finance Head Ms. Dania graduated in Masters in Business Administration in Finance and specialized in corporate accounting ∓ Finance and takes a strong interest in rapid turnaround and acceleration of our company in the immediate stages of post-investment, typically managing the transition and step-change from early stage startup to budding successful business.

She is responsible for all financial matters pertaining to the company, including applying new controls, procedures and reporting. She is committed to winning as a team.


Our administrative executive is tasked with providing administrative and logistical support to the entire organization. To maximize the effectiveness of the Corporate Accounts by producing high quality leads and working as a team towards agreed set targets and profitability goals. To provide a high level of sales support by ensuring all queries are responded to in an efficient, professional and timely deliveries..

Business Development/ Telesales Team

Our Business Development Executive Ms. Diana M. Dsouza specializes in exploring and developing new businesses for the company. A specialist in start-up management is responsible for the development and strategic growth of the company, early stage businesses with an interest in efficient execution and appropriate scaling of companies, typically managing them through early stage and multiple rounds of discussions. She works closely with the customers to cater their ideas to build their businesses.

Art Work & Creative Team

Our talented in-house designers create logos, website visual designs and branding material to give your business a consistent, attractive and stylish look that will convey your essential information clearly and portray your business professionally and committed to hunting down amazing business opportunities and making them grow.

CCA is commitment to deliver high quality service to all our clients, we formed experienced professionals by doing so and we believe our team can be expected to serve our clients closer and faster. Our team is well-experienced in advertising field.

We treat our team as our most valuable asset in our company. Therefore, the system has been followed carefully and thoroughly by our team in each of their responsibilities and commitment to serve our customers.